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Young people and care leavers come to us for many different reasons.

Some might have had problems at home, come directly from care or be escaping violence or exploitation. Others may have mental health needs, drug or alcohol issues or have offended in the past,  been involved in gang activity or experienced abuse.

Whatever their background, we know that with the right support, they can go on to achieve great things.

To help them get back on track, we offer services including young people assessment centres, supported living and semi-independent living placements. These services are available for young people aged 16- 25 including young people in and leaving care, young parents and their children and unaccompanied asylum seeking children.

Working in these services often means helping people build the skills and confidence to live independently. They may need your support to build life skills, such as cooking, budgeting, cleaning, paying their rent, accessing and engaging with services, recognising healthy relationships, staying safe, or accessing primary healthcare, mental health and sexual health services.

Whatever the challenge, you’ll need to work as part of a wider team to succeed. You’ll collaborate with professionals involved in a young person’s care and support, including social workers and leaving care teams,

You must also be genuinely interested in working with young people and committed to developing trust. This often takes time, as many of these young people might have been let down in the past. Could you be one of the few people they can truly count on?

Hear from our people about working in our Young People’s services

“Many young people we work with are at an uncertain stage in their lives. They may have just left care, have been thrown out of home, be seeking asylum or have come straight from the streets. For some, their behaviour can be challenging, often a sign of unmet needs or a lack of positive relationships in their lives.

The young people we work with may need support in different areas – learning to live independently, get back into education, learning what a healthy relationship is, help around their physical, sexual, mental or emotional health. But for most, the biggest challenge we face is building a relationship – so they know we are there for them, that we won’t let them down.

It’s important to build a support network around our young customers. This goes beyond the staff within the walls of a service. It can include their family, their friends or other community outlets. This holistic approach helps young people achieve goals and have positive outcomes.

The work can often be challenging, but knowing you can be the catalyst for positive change in young people’s lives is so rewarding.  Our relationships often continue after young people leave the service. It’s such an incredible feeling when a customer comes back and shares the positive experiences they’ve had. Knowing that you have been a part of their journey is amazing.

Everyday we are helping young people gain autonomy and independence. I think it’s a brilliant job!”

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